What Makes CAM Mica Undercutters Better?

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Automatic Undercutting - Better Results, Faster

Carbide Saws - Cleaner Cuts

Climb cut rotation - Less Clean-up time

Floating Spindles - More Accurate Cutting

Motor Driven - Reliable, Ergonomic Safe


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BCT Suspended Coil Taping Machine

Precise, Controlled Overlap

The BCT Taping Machine is specifically designed for the semiautomatic application of tape insulation systems to motor and generator coils and bars.

Ease of Operation

The taping head is weightlessly suspended from an overhead track, providing the operator with a consistent method of guided mechanical tape application. Tape overlap is controlled and consistent with virtually
no preparation or set up time required.


BCT can be hung from an overhead track with a counter balance.
BCTTotal Overlap Control

Pneumatically powered rollers securely clamp on to the coil and precisely drive the tape head. This enables the BCT to maintain perfect overlap when running in either a forward or reverse direction. The amount of tape tension is accurate and adjustable.

Greater production efficiency...

The taping head can apply dry or resin rich tapes. With its' two tape rolls it is capable of applying two layers of tape at the same time. Tape overlap is variable and easily adjustable for each tape roll. In the case of a closed coil, the length of covering is limited only by the clearance for head access.

Tapes in both directions...

A traverse reversing gearbox, controlled by a trip switch in the left handgrip enables the operator to instantly reverse the taping direction.

bct3 Foot activated Coil Support clamping devices – raise up to support the coil and lower to allow the tape head to pass thereby enabling the operator to continue taping without having to repeatedly stop to reposition taper.

Optional Large Coil
Turnover Unit Especially useful on longer, heavier coils, the optional coil turnover unit makes it easy to flip the coil over to tape the other side.
BCT3BCT Taping Machines can also be mounted on a tabletop.


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