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We proposed that he use a CAM RHT Automatic Spiral Taping machine to tape his harnesses...

...A few weeks after shipping the machine the customer called asking how fast he could get three more RHT machines. He proudly exclaimed, "we produced more harnesses in a single day using the RHT machine than we did in an entire week taping by hand"


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DC Motor Equipment

Our high quality DC Motor Equipment is used world wide by major motor OEM's (GE, Siemans, EM, JoyGlobal, Alstom, Baldor, and WEG), railroads, mass transit systems, shipyards, mines, and large motor repair shops.

Universal Machines

With this one machine, you instantly become a state-of-the-art, traction motor manufacturing facility with the ability to provide customers with consistent and high quality motor repairs!

» DJ Universal Machine


» DJM Universal Machine

DJM Universal Machine
» JHT – Large Universal Commutator Repair Machine

» JH – Universal Commutator Repair Machine

JH web
» EM Machine

EM Machine


Automatic Mica Undercutters

These undercutting machines will save hours of labor and help to improve the quality of the results. Great for for all sizes of DC motor manufacturing and repair shops.

» MDU Automatic Undercutter

MDU Automatic Undercutter

» RF Automatic Undercutter


» HDU Automatic Undercutter

HDU Automatic Undercutter


Lathe Undercutters

We offer CAM Undercutters for motor shops of all sizes.  Our line of Lathe Mounted Undercutters enable you to do the same automated processes that our big stand-alone machines do.  They use your lathe to support the weight of the armature thereby making them more affordable and portable.

» CU Automatic Lathe Undercutter

CU Automatic Lathe Undercutter
» UL Semi-Automatic Lathe Undercutter

UL Semi Automatic Lathe Undercutter


Banding Machines

CAM’s TS Banding Machine produces tight, consistent bands of tape or wire as it accurately maintains tension. This fast to set up, simple to use banding machine has the power, precision and design features for high productivity motor shops.

» Banding Machines

Branding Machines



Banding Tension Devices

CAM’s CB Tension Device is designed for high-tension tape banding on a lathe.

» Banding Tension Devices

Branding Tension Devices



Automatic T.I.G. Welders

Automatic TIG welding is a controlled, repeatable process that provides consistent, high quality TIG welds. It simplifies welding, boosts productivity and provides you with the ability to have your operator perform other tasks while monitoring the welding process.

» CWM Horizontal TIG Welder

CWM Horizontal TIG Welder
» VWT Vertical TIG Welder

VWT Vertical TIG Welder


Armature Seasoning

CAM’s TA Seasoning Machine heats and rotates a heavy traction motor armature at high speeds. It enables a motor shop to simulate the motor’s commutator operating conditions by heating and spinning the armature.

» Armature Seasoning

Armature Seasoning



Armature Stand

CAM offers more than a dozen stands for armature support and rotation during winding operations. They are robustly constructed using steel weldments and cast iron support standards.

» Armature Stands

Armature Stands


Motor Assembly Equipment

» TFR Rollover Stand

TFR Rollover Stand

» Motor Upenders

Motor Upenders  

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