RF-A Automatic Mica Undercutter

High-Production Automatic Undercutter Ideal for Aerospace, Automotive and Small DC Armatures

Fast-Loading, Consistent, High-Quality Results

Automatic Undercutting with
Time-Saving Deburring
This freestanding machine has all of the features found in our top-of-the-line Automatic Undercutters: programmable recipes, automatic optical sensor indexing, quick loading armature support, easy skew adjustment and our exclusive floating spindle. Integrated with the Undercutter is CAM’s patented Brush Deburring system, which eliminates hours of finishing hand work.

The RF-A Works Automatically
As the RF-A accurately and consistently does its job, your operator is free to do other work.


CAM's Patented Brush Deburring System
Just minutes of Brush Deburring eliminates hours of handwork and bar chamfering. Once set-up by the operator, brush deburring uses a vertically rotating brush to create a small radius on the corners of each copper bar. It provides process control and improves the consistency and appearance of your finishing work.


Quick-Loading of the Armature
vThe tailstock quill is moved by an air cylinder.
vThe headstock drive holds the shaft in a pneumatic collet. The operator presses a button to close the collet and quill for easy loading.                        
vOptional shaft support and armature cradle for fast, single-button loading and unloiading of each armature.


Accurate Results
vServo Control traverse drive motor provides accurate head positioning and smoother traverse. Each saw cut is identical in length, depth and position on the bar.
vAutomatic Indexing with Optical Sensor - Automatic mica slot detection allows the operator to set-up, turn it on and walk away to complete other shop tasks.
vThe Servo Motor acceleration and deceleration are optimized to produce the fastest cycle time. 


Touch Screen Control System
The touch screen Graphic User Interface stores critical set-up specifications and machine settings for up to 100 different types of armatures. It eliminates guessing and costly machine set-up trial and error methods.


Safety Features
vLaser Zone Light Curtain

vIntegrated safety cage and automatic operation                                                                                                 




High-Quality Results
vSpring-loaded, floating saw spindle removes all side mica by following the skew in the mica slot                                         

vCutting head moves smoothly on linear bearings
vSaw retracts from the mica slot to save time and extend saw life
vClimb cut rotation with carbide saws make cleaner cuts with less burr






Exclusive Brush Deburring 




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