Butterfly Ring Taper Story


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A busy OEM had a bottleneck in their exciter line and their engineers were in a panic. Large metal rings with lots of break out tabs were being hand taped by a half dozen employees...

Working closely with the customer's in-house engineers, CAM's design team created a horizontal ring taping concept using 3-D mechanical design software.


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Banding Tension Devices

Better Tape & Wire Banding Tension Control

CAM’s CB Tension Device is designed for high-tension tape banding on a lathe. This  combination glass-tape and wire tension device provides accurate constant tension regulation up to a maximum of 600 lb (272.2 kg). It can provide tension regulation up to 800 lb (363.9 kg) for short periods of time or during intermittent operation.

Portable for Performing Work Away From the Shop
This device is versatile and can be used in the field for service work, or it can be permanently mounted on a lathe.

A calibrated tension gauge displays the tension created on the wire or tape during armature banding. Tension is achieved through the use of two drums that are mechanically tied together and a double disc friction brake. The friction discs have a spring-loaded hub feature to maintain smooth tension build-up and eliminate chatter and tension overrun. Should an armature back up when rotation is stopped during the banding process, the spring-loaded disc hub will prevent a sudden loss of tension as long as the backing did not completely relax the hub springs.

As an option we offer a precision mechanical gauge that can be used as a check gauge to calibrate the CB and trace its accuracy to national standards fulfilling ISO requirements.

The machine comes with a vertical mounting surface with pre-drilled mounting holes to make mounting the machine to a lathe or winder easier. The CB can also be attached to a bed and carriage placed on the floor near the lathe.

The air-operated TSC/H Tension Device is for higher volume production workshops. It has a higher capacity than other banding tension devices making it especially suited for shops banding traction motors and larger work pieces. It is simple to use and can accommodate different tape widths and diameters. The TSC/H produces uniform tensions on wire or glass tape up to 1,000 pounds.

The heart of this device is the air-operated disc brake, which provides consistent, precision tension. There are two tension rollers providing a larger surface area for gripping the wire and tape.

Banding Machine

The TSC/H Tension Device is designed to be mounted on a CAM TS Banding Machine or a CAM Universal Armature Machine. It can be used on other lathes having a vertical mounting plate on a movable carriage the other side is used for wire banding. Each side has separate safety guards and feed spools. For tape banding both large tape spools (see picture above) or pancake tape spools can be used.

Banding tension on the TSC/H is displayed on an air gauge controlled by a regulator. An optional Precision Tension Indicating Instrument is available to double-check and prove the air gauge tension readings. This instrument can be recalibrated to national standard for ISO traceability.
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