ACS Advanced Control System

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Eliminate set-up guesswork and trial and error!

ACS stores critical set-up specifications and machine settings for up to 200 different types of armatures. It eliminates guessing and costly machine set-up by trial and error methods.


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CU Automatic Lathe Undercutter

Automatic Undercutting…Reduces Need for Skilled OperatorsWatchVideo
CUSet it up, Turn it on and Walk Away! Save Hours of Work!

  • Repeatable, high quality results every time!
  • Rugged design keeps machine accurate for years
  • Simple to set-up in less than 15 minutes
  • Runs automatically without an operator
  • Ergonomically friendly - eliminates repetitive hand motion
  • Requires minimal operator skill and training

Designed specifically for shops undercutting small quantities of a wide range of DC motors, including traction motors, the CU Automatic Undercutter mounts on your existing lathe. It consists of three components; an indexing unit, a pedestal PLC controller, and the Undercutting head with its floating spindle and sensor system. Laser technology is used to detect each mica slot and automatically position the saw.

Sets up in minutes - Simply install the armature in your lathe, align the index belt, program the number of slots into the PLC controller, set the stroke length stops and activate the laser indexing sensor.

Consistent performance without an operator - Once placed in automatic mode no adjustment is required, so your operator is free to perform other shop tasks while the CU undercuts the commutator.

Repeatable high quality Undercutting made easy – So simple to use that anyone can do it after a few minutes of training. Ergonomically safe, the CU Automatic Mica Undercutter takes the skill and operator fatigue out of the process. It increases every shop's productivity and flexibility!


Has all the Advanced Technology that provides Better, More Consistent, and High Quality Results

  • Laser sensor - for accurate mica detection and saw alignment - works automatically thus freeing operator to perform other shop tasks while machine works.
  • Carbide saws - designed to stay sharper, last longer and cut smoother.
  • Floating Saw Spindle - eliminates constant tracking adjustments and automatically tracks skewed mica.
  • Built to last – rugged, robust construction with a high strength aluminum cast frame, two case hardened stainless steel round ways with linear bearings mounted on a cast metal base.
  • Variable Speed Control – allows adjustment of the carriage speed to optimize the cutting conditions.
  • Climb cut saw rotation - cuts from the top down into the mica providing smooth cuts with less burrs and better side mica removal.
  • Adjustable Skew – easily repositions undercutter to follow severely skewed mica without shimming.
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