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Once upon a time there was a company that made insulating materials like PTFE or polyimide film for wire. They had a problem developing test samples when researching new products.

They Called CAM...


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JHT Large Universal Commutator Repair Machine

Commutator Turning, Automatic Undercutting & Deburring All in One Machine!

  • Increases Productivity
  • Reduces Overhead Crane Lifts
  • Quick Process Change and Fast Set-up
  • Program Storage for up to 20 Armature Types
  • Easy to Learn, Simple to Operate

Multi-Function Machine, Uses Innovative, Smart Technology to Improve Work Quality & Shop Productivity!

JHTCAM's new commutator Turn & Undercut machines greatly reduce armature handling and speed process time by eliminating the need to move armatures back and forth between single function machines. Designed specifically for shops that handle medium to large sized armatures, the JHT is ideal for servicing DC traction motors, mining and mill motors used in many industrial applications.



#1 Commutator Turning & Facing #2 Automatic Mica Undercutting with New Sensor Technology #3 Brush Deburring
The quick change commutator turning attachment mounts on the machine's tool post. Once the tool set-points and carriage feed rates are determined they can be easily programmed and stored in memory for repeatable set-up. This Universal Commutator Repair Machine has all of the features found in our top-of-line Automatic Undercutters including: a programmable controller, retractable spindle, fiber optic mica slot sensor and automatic armature indexing. The spring loaded floating spindle follows skewed mica eliminating constant operator adjustments. On the return stroke the spindle retracts out of the mica slot for faster process time and extended saw life. CAM's patented Brush Deburring Attachment eliminates tedious and time consuming hand chamfering of each mica slot and speeds clean up. Just slide the attachment onto the JHT tool post and the JH will automatically follow the deburring recipe for each armature.

Brush Deburring takes only 15 minutes, is more consistent than hand chamfering and is better for the motor!
Commutator Turning & Facing Automatic Mica Undercutting with New Sensor Technology Brush Deburring

Easy, Fast Recipe Set-Up

Program storage capacity for up to 20 armature types ensures optimal setup and machine performance every time!

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