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Improving Electing Motor Shops

Improve quality of the motor giving longer life and better reliability

Lower the cost to produce a motor with more efficient methods and new technology

Reduce the time to produce a motor by using better processes and tools


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CT Manual Spiral Taping Machine

Fast, Variable Speed, Easy to Use and Ergonomically Safe

CT The CT Spiral Taping Machine wraps adhesive and non-adhesive tapes on wire harnesses, cables, degaussing coils, pipes and similar work pieces. There are two standard CT models; one for taping bundle diameters up to 3/8" (9.5 mm), and the other for bundle diameters ranging from 1/4" (6.4 mm) to 1" (25 mm).

The machine's taping head is mounted on top of a worktable with the variable speed drive components below the table. A foot switch controls the taping head at speeds up to 600 rpm. Designed to be simple to operate and ergonomically friendly, it eliminates many of the repetitive wrist motions associated with manually wrapping tape around an object.

With a CT Taping Machine, the operator pulls the harness through the taping head while controlling the speed of the tape head with the foot switch. The amount of tape overlap depends on how fast the harness is moved through the head by the operator. 



Design Features
• Variable Speed Tape Head Drive at 600 RPM with a 3/4” (19.05 mm) wide tape at 1/2 tape overlap the maximum taping speed is 3 in (76.20 mm)/sec.
• Foot pedal control - easily adjusts speed for maximum productivity.
• Can apply vinyl tape and other adhesive and nonadhesive tapes.
• Wire Harness table supports the harness and minimizes tape wrinkles.
• Robustly constructed to last and last.
• Complete machine assembly includes: taping head, table, motor, foot pedal and controls.

 Machine Specifications


The LCT Model is for spiral taping large work pieces.



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